Hello~ For now, The only opening is for Photo Contributors (You may ask other possible Chanyeol Heaven though, just send me an e-mail! ^^), as we all know EXO is touring foreign countries for SMTown World Tour. Has EXO ever been to your country? Do you have exclusive photos of Chanyeol that you would like to contribute to the whole world of Chanyeol fans? If you do, Would you be interested in becoming a ‘Photo Contributor’ for Chanyeol Heaven? 😀


– All photo submissions must be owned and taken by you.

– Professional Cameras are not necessary as long as the photo is decent and of high quality.

-Fancams are accepted too as long as they’re not too spazzy.

-You will be credited for every photo/video that you contribute.

-Please also understand that you will not be payed for contributing, the sole purpose of contributing is just so you can share your photos to other Chanyeol stans out there and to help Chanyeol Heaven with its content. Sharing is Caring! 🙂

-We are accepting applications from all over the world as long as you are able to speak and write English effectively.

In your application, Please write a short message stating that you want to be a contributor, A short introduction of yourself and you may include samples if you wish.

Thank You and have a Good Day~!

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